Study MBBS Abroad MCI Approved at Cheap Low Cost Fees for Indian students

Study MBBS Abroad MCI Approved at Cheap Low Cost Fees for Indian students
Affordable Medical (MBBS) Study at Low Package for Middle Class Family. 

Why MBBS in Bangladesh Better than MBBS in Philippines, China, MBBS in Ukraine, Russia MBBS

Medical Study in Bangladesh similar to Medical Study in India with respect to Syllabus, Study Pattern, Duration of Study, Similar Medicine, Similar Diseases

Culture, Food habits, Language (English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic) same as India

Passing MCI Screening test 99% for MCI Registration
Numbers of Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are approved by MCI Act 1956

Bangladesh is Dry Country – Alcohol or any Drug consumption is illegal (Best Safest Place for Students Studying outside country)
M.C.I Recognized Medical Qualifications Granted by Medical Institutions outside INDIA. 

Study MBBS Abroad MCI Approved Government University

Fees Details in Bangladesh MBBS Colleges:

MBBS Fees in Bangladesh

Name of the Medical College
Tuition Fee (Full 5 yr Course)
US$ 38,000 (Including Hostel)
Bangladesh Medical College
US$ 42,000/-
US$ 45,000/-
US$ 34,500/-
Uttara Adhunik Medical College
US$ 41,000/-
Barind Medical College
US$ 36,000 (Including Hostel)
Southern Medical College
US$ 33,500 (Including Hostel)
Ennam Medical College
US$ 40,000 (Including Hostel)
Green Life Medical College
US$ 40,000 (Including Hostel)
BGC Trust Medical College
US$ 32000 (Including Hostel)
Medical College for Women (Girls Only)
US$ 52000
Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College
US$ 38000 (Including Hostel)

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